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Fire damage Fire damage Fire damage

Fire can devastate a home or a business in a matter of minutes, leaving you with the burden of sorting through and cleaning up the entire mess. Even the damage caused by a small fire needs professional cleanup to ensure there is no additional damage to your property.

  • Emergency board ups

  • Odor removal

  • Structure clearing

  • Onsite cleaning

  • Full-service repairs and renovation

Get the help you need to recover after a fire

Fire leaves behind smoke and soot residue that needs to be cleaned as soon as possible, so that it does not cause further damage and leave behind odors. Contact ALCC Corp. for the comprehensive services you need to recover.

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24-hour emergency services

Fire and smoke damage recovery

Trying to recover from smoke damage on your own can result in driving the soot further into the carpet, making it more difficult or impossible to clean. ALCC Corp. has the equipment and experience you need to thoroughly clean the soot from your property.

Don't try to clean up fire and smoke damage on your own

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