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Molds Molds

Mold can cause breathing difficulties, headaches, skin rashes, allergies, asthma, and even lung cancer if left untreated. Mold can also cause immense damage to your property. You need experienced help to handle mold infestations in your home or business quickly and properly. You need ALCC Corp.

  • Residential and commercial

  • Professional mold testing

  • Containment and removal of contaminated materials

  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing

Contact ALCC Corp. if you've had a serious water event

Our dedicated team has the training and professional equipment you need to treat any water or mold damage. We know where mold is hiding in your home or business, and how to get rid of it!

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Mold is a dangerous contaminant to have in your home. If you've suffered any water damage, and suspect or notice any mold growth, protect your investment and your family's health by contacting ALCC Corp. to have it completely removed from your property.

Don't let mold threaten your home or your health