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If your home or business has flooded due to storms, burst pipes, or a failed sump pump, ALCC Corp. can help get it dry again. Damp basements can result in mold growth, ruin your carpets, and have a negative effect on your health. We will extract the water quickly to avoid further damage and make sure everything is dry and back to normal.

  • 24 hour emergency service

  • Water extraction and removal

  • Restorative drying

Flooded basement? Get professional help fast and prevent further damage and health risks

If you have water or fire damage, don't hesitate to call. Take action by calling us immediately to fix your problem.

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We'll get you dry again

Emergency water removal

Water damage can strike at any time. If you are faced with problems such as a flooded basement or leaking roof, contact ALCC Corp. for the help you need to recover from disaster. We will work with your insurance, and with our comprehensive services, we'll be able to fully restore and renovate your home or business, so that you can return to normal life again.

Full-service repairs and renovations from water damage

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